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Perfect Balance Studio
82-84 Windmillhill Street,


Perfect Balance Studio offers a variety of wellness treatments from Yoga, CallaneticsĀ and Reiki Healing to Hypnotherapy and related therapies.

Come along to our relaxing Studio and try some of our classes.
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The Beauty Bar Hamilton
61 Clydesdale Street
Hamilton, ML3 0DD

At The Beauty Bar and Day Spa Hamilton we have over 30 years experience and highly qualified and specially trained therapists to treat all of our customers with the highest quality and standards in Beauty and Spa treatments. We source the best available products to ensure you get the service we know you and your busy lifestyle deserves. Below are the three area we specialise in..

Beauty Treatments

Spa Treatments

Massage Treatments

Check out our full price list for each of the treatments and get in touch to book your appointment today!
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