More Housing Coming to Craigneuk Thanks to North Lanarkshire Council



The council are currently utilising the old housing offices on Laurel Drive to convert them into four one-bedroom flats. They are currently in the final stages of the conversion and councillor Gary O’Rorke has praised the decision.

Last week, the local council were on a walkabout in Craigneuk and it was after this that they outlined new plans for an improvement opportunity to improve the quality of living in the area.

The North Lanarkshire Council’s area manager, Audrey Johnstone, said “The need for housing in Craigneuk is constantly growing and we’re delighted to get four new homes in Laurel Drive.

“The most important thing for ourselves is to be able to help homeowners through our sustainability officer who can help make things easier in terms of housing income.”

“A lot of the time people don’t know what they are entitled to and we want to be able to make sure everyone gets the best chance they can to own a home.

“Craigneuk has grown as a place in the last few years and that’s all down to the partnership working which allows the council and residents to help make the community better.

“North Lanarkshire Council are in the process of taking back all the old housing offices and converting them into more useful properties.”

This was backed up by Services manager, Laura O’Neill, who said ““The demand for housing in the area is huge which is a positive because it shows the improvements which have been made in the area.

“There are not a lot of one-bedroom properties available in Craigneuk so it’s all about trying to find a balance.”

The plans have also been welcomed by Councillor Gary O’Rorke, who stated ““Over the past four years I’ve seen such a drastic change that even more people now want to live in Craigneuk.

“At every surgery I’ll always hear a housing request and the council are doing the best they can to help get people into houses.

“The latest SIMD figures showed that whilst we improved on our deprived areas we still have some work to do.

“The positive thing is that we’re going in the right direction and housing will be a big factor in improving the statistics next time around.”