South Lanarkshire Council agree to write off nearly £2.5 million in uncollected revenue


Cash-strapped South Lanarkshire Council are set to write off nearly £2.5million in uncollected revenue.

Councillors on the finance and corporate resources committee rubberstamped the proposal last week.

The figure includes £1.14m in unpaid non domestic rates, some dating from 2013, deemed to be irrecoverable because the company is in liquidation, has ceased treading or has been sequestered.

A further £422,674 in housing rents and associated charges has also been deemed unrecoverable. The vast majority of this (£321,677) will come from rent arrears with the rest being made up of lock-up rent, factoring arrears and housing benefit overpayments.

Nearly £297,000 comes from unpaid council tax, with some debts dating from 1993. These debts relate mainly to sequestrations or people who have died.

Sundry debts totalling £614,743 will be written off. Just under £2500 relates to the BID levy.

Despite the large figures, a report to councillors will inform them the authority is well ahead of target in collecting arrears.

After setting a target of £2.48m in non-domestic rates arrears collection for 2015/16, the council had already retrieved £3.5m up until the end of February, a massive 41.3 per cent ahead of target.

Council tax arrears collection was £3.08m for the year having had a target of £2.9m while £11.28m of sundry debt had been recovered, exceeding their target of £11.26m.

Collection of normal council tax was, however, below the target of 95 per cent to the end of February, with only 93.9 per cent being recovered.

However, council officers say that is ahead of the 2014/15 target. In terms of non-domestic rates and sundry debt, the council was marginally ahead of its goal.

At today’s meeting, councillors will be told: “Provision has been made for the financial impact of all write-offs.”

Original Source – Daily Record News