What Can I Do to Build My Brand?


As many new businesses are, you may be asking yourself “how can I build my brand?” Well, once you have ascertained your business plan and who your customers are, you also need to think about your company values and your unique selling point; Are you known for having the best customer service? Or, are you the most competitively priced company in your sector? There are loads of options when deciding what makes you stand out, but by understanding what yours is, you are giving yourself the best foundation to develop your brand identity.


When setting up a business or simply having a rebrand, the importance of a logo is more than just ticking a box; it is a part of what gives your brand an identity. It is the face of your company, and not only is it one of the first things that people will see, but also the thing that stays with them and makes you stand out from the crowd.


Your style is what characterises your website. Every choice you make has an impact, from the colour pallet you choose, fonts, layouts, images…essentially every styling choice you make directly impacts your brand identity. Consistency is key, making sure to marry up your website, social media, marketing, brochures and even business cards. These visuals will help both new and potential customers recognize you.


Now you have a visual identity, you need to think about how you sound, which is equally important when defining your identity. You may decide that you would like to be more corporate, informative and to the point with your content. Alternatively, you may wish to be quirky, bubbly and fun. As long as your message is engaging, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is making sure it is consistent through every form of communication.


Regardless of if you are working out of your bedroom or a huge warehouse, your website is your shop window.An effective website is one that is professionally designed and attractive, enables the visitor to navigate through it intuitively, provides the right amount of information to pre-empt visitors’ questions, and encourages the visitor to take some kind of action (for example signing up for a newsletter, contacting you or making an online purchase).For it to be successful, it needs to be easy to navigate, clear, concise and most importantly makes it easy for people to do what they came onto it to do – buy / enquire.

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