Woman Accuses Coatbridge Fast-Food Outlet Of Serving Food Containing Maggots


A WOMAN has complained to KFC after her teenage daughter found what she believed to be maggots in the chicken meal she bought from the fast food chain’s Coatbridge restaurant.

Karen Corcoran and her daughter Teigan, 14, visited the busy Showcase outlet on July 21 and purchased a carry-out meal to take home.

But they were left gobsmacked when Teigan noticed something wrong with a piece of her chicken.

And as Karen took a closer look, she realised it contained what she described as “maggot larvae”.

The mother-of-two immediately returned to the store, but says she was equally as shocked at the lack of concern from staff members.

Karen said: “The thought of my daughter eating that horrified me.

“I can’t believe it could happen at a national chain like that.

“I was shocked at the larvae but just as shocked at the attitude of the workers when I went back.

“It was as if they weren’t interested and knew it might get them into bother.”

KFC have since confirmed they are investigating the incident, but refute the claims they are responsible for what was found in the meal.

A spokesperson said: “We have robust systems and processes in place at all of our restaurants to ensure our food is safe.

“476 hot wings were served in the restaurant on this day and we have not received any other complaints of this kind.

“These procedures mean that in this case, it’s extremely unlikely this would have happened within the restaurant, but we’re investigating these claims as a matter of urgency.”

Karen, of Bellshill, subsequently posted a photo of the chicken on KFC’s official Facebook page to try and bring it to their attention.

But she unintentionally opened a can of worms.

She explained: “I posted the photo on their Facebook page, but didn’t realise all of my friends would be able to see the picture. I thought only people who went on KFC’s profile would see it.

“KFC commented on it asking for a private message and next thing I knew it was getting hundreds of shares and comments.

“They asked me to send the chicken to them so they could have a look but by this time I’d already taken it back to the store.”


Original Source – Daily Record.